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European Colonization On Sub Saharan African Education

European Colonization on Sub-Saharan African Education Before the Europeans came and colonized much of Africa, including its schooling systems, many educational practices in Africa consisted of groups of older people, known as elders, teaching aspects of life such as rituals and rites of passage, helping to transition children into adulthood. Almost every member of the African community played a part in the educational upbringing of a child. However, when European colonialism began to take place, it started to change the indigenous education systems once taught before. Schooling was no longer just about rituals, instead school now meant earning an education that could compare to countries throughout Europe and the United States. Even with the improvements of educational systems throughout Africa, educational participation rates in many Sub-Saharan African countries are still low. When it comes to the educational history of sub-Sahara Africa, it can be divided into three eras: the pre-colonial period; the colonial period; and the period after independence. African children in pre-colonial period, learnt how to survive life through experiences and instructions from their elders. Indigenous forms of education served the needs of the community as a whole, meaning African children, during that period learnt what they lived. Indigenous education systems also varied from one place to another, as different African cultures were present. Director Aà ¯cha Bah-Diallo of the UnitedShow MoreRelatedThe Link Between British Colonization Of Sub Saharan Africa And Lasting Economic Problems990 Words   |  4 Pagesinferior nation. European nations deployed a mission of colonization to bring the continent civilization. This paper interprets the link between British colonization of Sub-Saharan Africa and lasting economic problems evident today. The argument of British underdev elopment in Africa draws on studies collected on individual African states as well as the continent as whole, regarding economic growth statistics from before, during and post-colonization. Britain failed to develop African nations, leavingRead MoreSub-Saharan Africa: A Vibrant, Diverse, and Intriguing Region of the World1409 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Sub-Saharan Africa The sub-Saharan region of Africa has traditionally been seen by the Western world as a barrier between the more civilized areas of the northern part of the continent that were colonized by Europeans and the deep, jungle regions common to the rest of the continent. The area below the Sahara desert was seen by colonial settlers as wild and dangerous. It was treated as its own separate entity, but in reality, this is not the case at all. Sub-Saharan Africa is very diversifiedRead MoreAfric An Influential Countries Of The Modern World1594 Words   |  7 PagesAfrica has transitioned from being dismantled, torn to pieces, and ruled by many european countries to now being its own and unique continent. The continent itself might not be thriving the way some would like it to, but it has made great strides since the colonial period for its independence. Due to the effort of its hard working people and its relentless determination to prosper, Africa has become one of the most influential cou ntries of the modern world. Overcoming obstacles of slavery of itsRead MoreEthnic Conflict : The British And French926 Words   |  4 PagesEthnic Conflict The British and French had essentially lived by different systems of ethnic European power that still had competition between each other. Both of these systems had wider areas control yet they had completely different systems of ethnic stratification. Europeans had imposed territorial boundaries throughout Africa in 1885 that divided many groups. Colonies were built under a direct or indirect rule of countries colonizing the colonies. The levels of governments were controlled byRead MoreEssay about The Gold Coast after Gaining Independence from Colonialism1368 Words   |  6 Pageswho hindered the unions necessary to nationalise.The growth of nationalism can be depicteded through the â€Å"J-Brown Paradigm of National Development† and the last stage of the â€Å"5 Stages of Revolution,† the Thermidorian reaction. The expansion of the African tribes, in an effort to rein over other ethnic groups, and their goal of unification to end their oppression due to their status as a crown colony all led to their independence. The Gold Coast’s Identifiable People Group around the nineteenth centuryRead MoreEuropean Colonialism: Civilizations Ruined1491 Words   |  6 PagesEuropean Colonialism has been around since the late 15th century and their model for colonialism will exist for many years to come. Colonization could be considered to start as far back as the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. However, this colonization model was not near as deadly as the European model (Louis). The ancient civilizations educated, advanced, and motivated their colonies to succeed. The European model falls far short of the standard set in past years. This model forRead MoreThe Atlantic System and Africa2105 Words   |  9 PagesCHAPTER 18 The Atlantic System and Africa, 1550–1800 I0.Plantations in the West Indies A0.Colonization  Before  1650 * 10. Spanish settlers introduced sugar-cane cultivation into the West Indies shortly after 1500 but did not do  much else toward the further development of  the islands. After 1600 the French and  English developed colonies based on tobacco cultivation. * 20. Tobacco consumption became popular in England in the early 1600s. Tobacco  production in the West Indies was  stimulatedRead More West African Kingdoms Essay example984 Words   |  4 PagesWest African Kingdoms It is generally accepted by scholars and scientists today that Africa is the original home of man. One of the most tragic misconceptions of historical thought has been the belief that Black Africa had no history before European colonization. Whites foster the image of Africa as a barbarous and savage continent torn by tribal warfare for centuries. It was a common assumption of nineteenth-century European and American Whites - promoted by the deliberate cultivation of pseudoscientificRead MoreThe Impact Of The Atlantic Slave Trade Influence Europe Economic Growth And Market Development Essay786 Words   |  4 PagesLabor exploitation was the key for the effectiveness of european expansion in the new world and define slavery as a principal component for global capitalism until it was not longer profitable. The atlantic slave trade influence europe economic growth and market development to rapidly spread through the atlantic trade. It was a intense dependence on the triangular trade that made merchants made big profits at the expense of the exploited labour abroad. Merchants were involved in all three sidesRead MoreThe Negative Effects of Imperialism in Nigeria (its possible to go into more detail, but my pages were limited to this many)1570 Words   |  7 Pageswith abundant resources and the potential to be a very powerful nation, but it is hampered by many problems. These problems are caused by NigeriaÂ’s colonization by England. Because of this intrusion on their way of life, their future was altered dramatically. The nation of Nigeria as a whole has suffered greatly as a country because of this colonization, its problem is rooted in the way it was colonized and ruled. The background of the situation is essential to understand its full impact From the

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What Do Trends Tell Us - 1713 Words

Study the Industry-Apply what we learn-Look toward the future What do trends tell us? Where is the resale retail industry going? What about attracting employees and keeping them? How do we get the right people? Where are we going and how are we going to get there? These are just a small glimpse of the questions that we face on a daily basis. One of the questions that I had a year ago when I first started this program was what will the trends be for 2015 and will e-commerce capture all the gains we were hoping to see? We continue to read about retail sales growth through online sales, which accounts for an increasing portion of the percent of retail sales, there has been an upside for brick and mortar stores, like ours. We have†¦show more content†¦We will see our customers go online on their cell phone and check on what we have said and then purchase the item there in our store, where it is convenient and they can try the item on and take it home that day. Our customers are ubiquitous in that we have to stay on top of their various purchasing trends and predict the movements that they are going to make on a daily basis. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. We have found that our customers want options that work for them right at their fingertips along with great customer service. We have found t hat â€Å"omni-channel† shopping (the use of a variety of channels in a customer s shopping experience including research before a purchase-Wikipedia, is not only on the rise, but also here to stay. We need to find ways to embrace this new shopping method and find ways to optimize their experience within our store utilizing these methods. A few strategies that we are considering are: 1. Improve our technological understanding and how they can improve our customer’s in-store experience. †¢ We have been looking into utilizing our camera system as a technological advantage by counting customers (those above a certain height) as they enter the store and using this number in conjunction with our actual invoices for a

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My sop to nyu review Free Essays

I am confident that combination of business and legal studies would enable me to show best of my intellectual capacity and prosper in competitive commercial market. I have stayed among top student in class during my five years of law study from an institution where mode of academic instruction was only in English. My active participation In debate, mock trials and community service had earned me numerous ward to which a honor given by international court of Justice Judge hold an exceptional value as I was not only chosen among 120 best legal scholars In world but only Indian to receive that as of now. We will write a custom essay sample on My sop to nyu review or any similar topic only for you Order Now My association with Mr. Wang during internship made me learn role of international arbitration in rsolving disputes where parties belonging to different legal system are involved with common interest. I was fortunate to submit my inputs to combat problem like smuggling across international border. currently I am in final ear of competing my masters in international in past . relation although I have completed my diploma in business management. The professional experience which I gained while working in an international law firm had developed my base toward application of law In regard to international business among two natlon. The more I experience, the more I felt that my tralnlng In India falls short of what I needed to effectively deal with my International counterpart In course of my practice . My vision lies to gain Insight Into legal structure of U S A. hich us biggest foreign investor of my country. Which is world fastest developing economy. A exposure to study LLM at NYU in international business regulation, arbitration and litigation will help me to analyze procedural law on international business and likely influence policymakers in its direct indirect benefit to my country in term of business opportunity and competitiveness by issuing measures to bring more foreign investment, cautious approach toward intellectual properly right,peacefull ettlement of international dispute through arbitration on faster node as I want to serve as foreign legal consultant for my country after doing LLM from USA. How to cite My sop to nyu review, Papers

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More And More Women Are Rising To The Leadership Challenge, Even In So

More and more women are rising to the leadership challenge, even in some of the most male-dominated industries. The increase in the number of women attending university, in the workplace or starting their own business has demonstrated to men who own businesses that women can be both managers and mothers, thus showing their male counterpart that women can in fact "do it all". In this paper the history of women in the workforce will be outlined, as well as the challenges they face. The changing attitudes towards women taking over family businesses will be looked at briefly, how women lead along with a comparison to how men lead, and a critique and conclusion of their leadership style will also be discussed. History and The Challenges Women Face A number of events have occurred over the last twenty-five years or so that have resulted in the rise of the female in the work-for-pay world. Beginning in the mid-1970's, women began going to business school and earning their Master's of Business Administration and, as a result, building on that education and gaining work experience (Nelton, 1999). The days of the one income family are over. Females need to be armed with a university or college degree to be a contributor to this century's model of the family unit and in this time of "education inflation", the demand for higher education is growing at a staggering rate. In the corporate sector, the generation of women who entered the corporate world two to three decades ago have blazed the trail now followed by ever-growing numbers of women (Shaiko, 1997). The great strides women are making in the work force can be attributed to numerous factors including the: "passage of equal employment opportunity legislation's, modifications in job requirements, more females on the buying side, elevated educational achievements by females, more women in business schools, the huge percentage of female business school graduates with'androgynous' orientations, and the willingness of many young women to postpone marriage and child-bearing." (Comer,, 1997) While women continue to make progressive strides toward equality, few have risen to the highest positions-leading companies to the new millenium (Andorka, 1998). Fortunately, women can now demand equal treatment in their respective organizations as a result of the aforementioned changes in history. Many companies have policies in places that require equality at work and punishment for those who do not adhere to such policies. There is a vast amount of evidence that women tend to occupy less powerful, lower paid, and lower status organizational positions than men. These divisions not only occur vertically, but on a horizontal scale as well. Women who seek to enter management level positions fight against stereotypes, discrimination, and myths, not to mention the fight to balance work and family. They have also been overwhelmed by unfamiliar products, skeptical clients or customers, guy talk, a scarcity of female associates and little or no empathy (Comer,, 1997). Sheila Wellington, President of Catalyst, a non-profit organization for the advancement of women to corporate and professional leadership, said in a speech on October 23, 1996 to the Economic Club of Detroit in Detroit Michigan: "Let me be clear, I believe that most obstacles to women's advancement to the top are not intentional, they are a result of unexamined assumptions about women's career interests and of policies and practices that have existed unquestioned over time in the corporate culture. With real commitment to change, the situation is remediable." (Wellington, 1996) Perhaps, the "glass ceiling" that women are under is not the intent of their male counterparts. I believe that it is the socialization of men and women in our society that has lead to this imbalance in the work force. But, somewhere along the line, men have to realize and acknowledge the socialization they have endured is creating much disharmony and discontent among their female colleagues. The Torch is Passed- to the Daughter Twenty years ago, there was no place for women in most family businesses (Nelton, 1999). If they did have a position, it was presumably as secretary, assistant, or some other "behind-the-scenes" role. The traditional successor to the family business was the first-born son and if there was no son, then the widow was discouraged from running the company and urged to sell the business. Those days have since past. As women are achieving higher levels

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Why Should You Hire a Writer Online Why Its Better than in Person

Why Should You Hire a Writer Online Why Its Better than in Person Why Should You Hire a Writer Online: Why It’s Better than in Person Should you hire a writer online, or find a writer nearby who you can meet in person? If you’re considering different options, choose to hire a writer online. Here are the reasons why: More Choice There are many companies online that offer the convenience and anonymity of ordering online. There are literally hundreds of these companies who source writers from all over the world to write papers. If you hire a writer from a local agency, it is likely that you did not have many options. You may only have one or two brick and mortar agencies nearby to get help with a paper. Cost-Effectiveness Aside from spending money on gas to drive to an agency, hiring online is more economical because the Internet is a global marketplace and as such, it is more competitive then your local marketplace. You have the advantage of currency exchange which works in your favor and helps stretch the dollar. Everyone likes an option that is easy on the wallet, especially cash strapped students. From Home Opportunities Working online means no time and effort spent travelling. Not to mention you will need no appointment, will not need to sit in any waiting room, or wait for anyone else. You simply communicate via email, when it is a convenient time for you. Updates Any Time Hiring online allows you to be updated wherever you are. Since business is managed via email you can check the status or receive a notification instantly, from wherever you are. No waiting for phone calls or checking messages. Â  Communicate online, from wherever you happen to be. You can even communicate while on vacation, or during the weekend. More Control A local agent acts as a middleman between you and the writer. Instead of dealing with the writer directly, you communicate with the agency. A lot of communication and meaning can be lost in the interchange, and you will not be able to assess the writer’s understanding or clarify misunderstandings right away. Why not cut out the middle man and deal directly to you maintain control of the project and save time? Being a student means having many tasks, assignments and responsibilities simultaneously. It can be impossible to find the time to get everything done. Spending extra time contacting a local writing agency, making an appointment, traveling to the location, and meeting with someone is just not worth it. It is easy to see why the best choice is to hire a writer online. The benefits are numerous and the convenience can not be beaten.

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What Is AP Research Should You Take It

What Is AP Research Should You Take It SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips AP Research is a class introduced by the College Board as a part of its new AP Capstone program. But what does it really involve? How can you do well? In this article, I'll provide an overview of AP Research and give you some more information about whether you should take it and how you can be successful in the class. What Is AP Research? AP Research is the second course that students take in the AP Capstone program. It comes after AP Seminar.If you take AP Seminar and AP Research, you will earn an AP Research and Seminar Certificate, and if you take both classes in addition to four other AP courses and exams, you will earn an AP Capstone Diploma. This program is very new (the College Board rolled out the full version in the fall of 2014), but you will most likely benefit from it in the college application process when schools see the types of advanced assignments you've completed in these research-focusedclasses. In AP Research, students are encouraged to explore a topic or problem that interests them and design, plan, and conduct a year-long research project centered around it.The classrepresents the culmination of skills that students learn in AP Seminar, which include effectively analyzing sources, formulating coherent arguments backed up by evidence, and examining issues from differing points of view.Smaller research projects in AP Seminar will prepare you for the large-scale research project you will undertake in AP Research. Doing a long-term research project is a lot like scaling the craggy peak of a snowy mountain if you substitute physical discomfort for mental discomfort, but it's also just as rewarding in the end! What Exactly Will You Do in AP Research? AP Research consists entirely of a year-long research project.The end product is a 4000-5000 word academic paper and a 15-20 minute presentation with an oral defense.You will also be expected to compile the materials you used in your research into a portfolio.This piece of workis similar to a thesis project, so it’s good preparation for college academics. Topics for the research project are usually relatively open, but arguments for and against solutions to major problems in society tend to be the main focus. For example, you might investigate whether the government should invest more resources in finding and supporting sustainable energy sources. In your academic paper, you will be expected to: Introduce and contextualize your research question and your initial thoughts and hypotheses about it.In the case of my example, the research question might be "Should the government devote more resources to sustainable energy projects?" You would reflect on the question briefly here and share your initial uninformed opinions before diving into any research. Review previous ideas and works on the subject and their arguments and perspectives.This is where you would address arguments for and against the adoption of policies to promote the use of sustainable energy. This section lays the groundwork for your arguments in later sections of the paper. Explain your research method and why you approached the question this way.Here, you would discuss how you went about compiling sources for your research and how you collected the information. This lends credibility to your argument in the next section. Present your findings and interpret their significance in connection to your research question.In this section, you would lay out your argument based on the evidence you discovered through your research. In the example, your argument might be that we should devote more resources to sustainable energy projects because the long term consequences of continuing to use non-renewable energy sources will be extremely dire. You could support this argument with research that you touched on in previous sections. Discuss the implications and limitations of your findings and reflect on the process. This is where you would talk about any qualifiers related to your argument in the previous section. If you can't be absolutely sure of a conclusion that you drew or there is some speculation involved, you would go over those potential limitations. You would also talk about what your findings mean in a larger context. Talk about potential next steps on the issue in view of these findings.Basically, this is the "so what?" section. This is where you would present your ideas for what practical steps the world might take based on your research. In the example, this could be something like providing better tax incentives for businesses that use renewable energy sources or rearranging money in the government's budget in a specific way so that more of it goes towards clean energy projects. Provide a complete bibliography.This is pretty self-explanatory. You'll need to cite all your sources correctly and make sure that they're trustworthy. After you turn in your paper, you will also deliver a 15-20 minute presentation to a panel of teachers in whatever format works best for your research. You'll be asked to give a defense of your findings after your presentation. Your AP Research teacher and two panel members chosen by your teacher will ask you three or four questions about your work, and you'll have to answer them based on your research. You'll be judged on the quality of your defense. If you make a weak argument, your teacher will bang a gavel on her desk and scream "OVER-RULED!" again and again until you come up with something better. Should You Take AP Research? First of all, you can only take AP Research if you take AP Seminar beforehand.Make sure you plan out your classes carefullyif you want to end up in this class! If you are looking to earn the AP Research and Seminar Certificate or the AP Capstone Diploma, you will need to take this class.Keep in mind that for the Capstone Diploma you’ll also need to take four more AP classes and exams. Some colleges will offer you credit for taking these classesor will allow you to place out of introductory courses that are required for other students.This can make things a little easier on you during your freshman year. You’ll also be better prepared for college academics if you take AP Research.You will already be familiar with the process of collecting research and using it to formulate an opinion on a topic. When you're assigned your first research paper, you’ll know exactly where to start. Aside from those benefits, AP Research can be a fun way to explore a topic that genuinely interests you. You'll have a ton of freedom when it comes to choosing your topic, so you can explore almost any idea that you find compelling. AP Research is a good choice for students who are looking for a way to enrich their high school experience with independent research and enroll in competitive college programs. Go, be free. Soar through the wide open sky of source material on your wings of intellectual inquiry. How Can You Do Well in AP Research? In AP Research, the most important rule for doing well is to avoid falling behind!Since your entire grade rests on one long-term project, you will need to make sure that you are diligent about staying on task throughout the year.It’s tempting to procrastinate when it seems like you have such a long time to complete the project, but you won’t get the most out of your research if you don’t spread out your work.You want to avoid turning in a sub-par project that you don’t believe in because you ran out of time. I would also suggest that you finish doing all of your research before you start writing any part of your paper. It's hard to write a cohesive argument when you're adding to it piece by piece as you go along. It's best to compile all the information you need first, figure out your argument based on the evidence, and then start structuring your paper around it. This might seem obvious, but sometimes with these types of projects it's tempting to start working on the part that you actually have to turn in before you've fully explored all the background information. In a related point, you should be flexible and accept that you may need to reframe your research question.You never know what dead ends you might hit or how you might need to change your project as you learn more about your topic.The best way to plan for these scenarios is to start your research early.The highest-quality projects will be those that adapt to new findings over time. You will have to defend your work, so you should be sure that you believe in the point of view that you’re selling and that it's backed up by solid evidence. Finally, you shouldchoose a research question that fascinates you. Working on a research project for a whole year can get tedious, and you don't want to be completely sick of your topic after a couple of months. Talk to your teacher about your interests so that you can work together to find a viable research question that will hold your focus. Choose a topic with a lot of depth, just like this insanely creepy stairwell. Conclusion AP Research is the second class in the AP Capstone program after AP Seminar. It's similar to an independent study class andconsists entirely of one year-long research project on a topic of your choice. You will write a research paper summarizing your findings and then give an oral presentation followed by a defense of your argument. AP Research can be a useful class for students who want to be well-prepared for college-level assignments. It's a great way to hone your skills in effectively conducting research and formulating arguments based on evidence. It also might be a nice break from your other classes because of the level of freedom it provides to students. It's an opportunity to learn more about nearly any topic or question that intrigues you! What's Next? Not sure if you can take AP Research at your school? Consult this article for a list of all the high schools that offer the AP Capstone program. You should also take at this article for a detailed guide to which AP classes you should take in general. If you're on the fence about AP classes in general, check out this article for more information on how AP classes and exams might benefit you. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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How the relationship between the U.S. and Israel has effected Research Paper

How the relationship between the U.S. and Israel has effected relations with Iraq, Palestine, Iran, AndAfghanistan - Research Paper Example How the relationship between the U.S. and Israel has affected relations with Iraq, Palestine, Iran and Afghanistan America’s relations with Israel have significant effects on its relations with other countries in the Middle East. Arabs generally have a feeling that America is supporting Israel blindly and keeps a blind eye towards the massacres conducted by Israel against the Arab world in general and against Palestine in particular. America’s foreign policies towards Middle East are influenced by its historical and cultural relations with Israel. Israel’s relationships with America are so strong because of the cultural similarities of these two countries. No other country in the world has ever succeeded in maintaining such a strong and long relationship with US as Israel does. Moreover, no other country in the world is getting such big financial and military aids from America as Israel does. Mearsheimer & Walt (2008) have pointed out that â€Å"As of 2005, dire ct US economic and military assistance to Israel amounted nearly to $ 154 billion, the bulk of it comprising of direct grants rather than loans† (Mearsheimer & Walt, 2008, p.24). Moreover, â€Å"Israel's bombing of Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981—despite formal criticism—was enthusiastically supported by the Reagan administration† (Zunes, 2006). Because of the strong relations with Israel, America never criticizes Israel even if Israel engages in illegal activities against the Arab world. ... They encouraged Taliban and Osama led Al-Qaida to fight against Soviet Union. They taught the Islamic fundamentalists that communism is against the religious beliefs and teachings of Islam. The rest is history now. America succeeded in expelling Soviet troops from Afghanistan; however, they forced to give huge prices for that later. The 9/11 incident and the current war on terror which destroyed the financial back bone of America were the outcomes of America’s injudicious efforts in Afghanistan earlier. â€Å"Despite the widely-held tail-wagging-the-dog assumptions, history has shown that the United States has frequently used Israel to advance its strategic interests in the Middle Eastern region† (Zunes, 2006). Neutral political observers quiet often confused to give proper answer to the question why United States is sacrificing its interests for Israel. In most of the issues in the Middle East region, America is playing its cards staying at the back drop. US donâ€℠¢t like the involvement of any other super powers in this region since the Middle Eastern region is blessed with immense natural resources like oil and fresh water. America is exploiting Israel-Arab enmity to block the interference of other superpowers in this region. However, America’s efforts are affecting them as a boomerang. â€Å"If the United States had not been a strong supporter of Israel, it would have been very difficult for Soviet Union to win friends and allies in the Islamic world†(Sheffer, 1997, p.32). At present most of the Arab countries like Iran, Palestine etc are in good relations with Russia. Moreover, America is facing stiff challenges in Afghanistan and Iraq. After the end of cold war and the defeat of